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I'm back on LJ

Welcome once again to the Jonkie Corner. It's been a long time since I've posted. Let's just leave it at a shortage of guests. Anyways, it's Christmas night, and I hope everyone had a good one.

I got Lunar: Dragon Song for Christmas. It is a pretty nifty game, I must say. I am greatly enjoying it. It has good graphics for a gameboy game. From what I can se so far, all those people who gave it a bad review are whiners. I'll admit the battle system is a little loopy, but it still makes a great game. It has been a buncha hours of fun. In fact, once I'm done here, I'm gonna go play more.

I'm also greatly satisfied with the Nintendo DS. It is probably the best handheld gaming device I've played with so far. I look forward to using the pictochat function with my friends later. Anyways, I'm eyeing the DS right now, and it's time for me to play more Lunar.
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