dj_juan_pancho (dj_juan_pancho) wrote,

Jon the Swimmer is Back

Jon has finally started swimming again. My first practice was today. It was short. (1000) However, it was very tiring. My arms have never been so tired... The plan for tomorrow involves backstroke, breastroke (everyone's favorite), and butterfly. I must get fit for the 700 fly I must do at the end of Lent. The only concern is that i had a backache after a while. It's probably nothing. And no Cathy , I will not see a doctor. I'll maybe make a trip to the health center. In short the wait to see Jon competing again is coming to an end.

But really, if I don't swim, I'll gain lots of weight and a beer belly. And unlike Selphie's, mine will be because I didn't exercise whereas hers involved exercising too much...

And in other news, classes are over! This is really cool. Now all that await are finals. Well, that's it for this edition of Jon News.

Times Jon has broken his promise: 14

Jon got 9 out of freakin 9 on his lab experiment.
Jon is never wrong, except when he is, which is never.
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