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My Happy Post

Okay, since Alex requested a happy post, I shall put one up.

My future in competitive swimming may not look very optimistic right now, but I shall still strive to obtain it. It looks like the years of unecessarily tough workout have taken a toll on my back. Since I have created my workout schedule based on what my coach would do, it looks like it is time to change. During Spring Break, I shall do my research on the subject. And Jon WILL compete again, even if it's only once or twice. (I mean that I may have to limit competition to the interhouse swim meet every year, and those tournaments at home duriing the summer)

And I also continued writing my story. It'll be good. One everyone will have to read. And for Cathy, there will be no romance at all. Everyone will be cold to each other. And for Alex, there will be romance. People will fall in love. I'm not quite sure how this will work out...

Times Jon broke hi promise: 14

Jon has 3 finals to complete.
Jon takes his vitamins every day.
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