dj_juan_pancho (dj_juan_pancho) wrote,

Gary and Steve

Okay, I'm here on the last day of being here at Caltech. First of all, I miss all of ya. I hope you all have great summers.

Now onto business... Steve and Gary are currently playing Rayden, a game Steve just got. And man, Gary has said some funny stuff! Here are a few of the lines:

You need to learn how to play this game

I have more talent in the game than you.

Here, take the bombs. You'll need them because you don't have my superior dodging ability

Now I will show you my true power

You have no ability against me!!!

Who is the most superior player? Obviously me!

Man, I can't believe an ameteur like Steve could last against me

You will NOT stand up to me!

Now, that's some confidence if I do say so myself. It's funny because this is a actually a game where they are on the same team. Yep, it's true! Well, until next time...

Jon does not waste his time making his bed
Jon thinks that watching Steve and Gary play video games is hilarious
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