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My Hair

Yeah, it finally happened... I am writing a post about my hair. But it's not really all about my hair. Okay, some of it is.

I got my haircut today. They actually did a decent job for once. Don't worry, it's still long.

Well, I actually got Pokemon Collosseum *grin* and I've been playing a whole lot. The story mode is really cool. It gave me a chance to catch some good ones. And the tournaments are way hard. I am currently trying to beat the hardest level and I can only get 1/8 in the double battles tournament and not even 1 in the single battle. What a shame.

In other news, I do really miss being at Caltech. Even with all the work, it was pretty entertaining. My friends really do mean a lot to me. It is even better when they do entertaining stuff. At this time, I would like to refer you to my last post. It was pretty entertaining and still makes me laugh. Heck, it made me laugh two minutes before I started writing this post!

And I started writing a story just like I said I would. This first story I'm writing is introducing Lance a hero I made up. If you want to read more about him, read my story.

I guess there's nothing else at the moment, so I'll conclude this product of my hyperactivity. I really should get more sleep...

Jon has too much caffeine in his diet.
Jon was very hyper when he wrote this.
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