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Welcome to the Jonkie Corner!

This is the first installment of the Jonkie Corner. I am Jon. And i have a few things to say on this installment of the Jonkie Corner

I recently saw all my friends from high school. It was pretty nice. We all went bowling and then for ice cream. That's pretty much it. I had a good time.

One thing that has just amazed me since I got back is the amount of people who are already married. I have been introduced to a few husbands lately.

Well, as many people are these days, i have been watching the olympics. It has been very entertaining. I just have to go on record saying that swimming is the ultimate olympic sport. Its coolness just doesn't run out! However, i still don't know who won any of the finals. (I didn't watch much today) I also saw gymnastics yesterday, which is always impressive. However, I felt really bad for one guy who fell off the horse during his routine. That totally sucks. It must have been embarrasing for the guy as well.

Some of you may remember me saying I was gonna have my wisdom teeth taken out when I got back. Well, I had that operation Monday. And of course, things have to be complicated for Jon. They broke my jaw to get to the tooth. However, it seems to be healing pretty nicely, so the doctor did a pretty good job.

Okay, I think that's all I have to say for now, so that's it.

Jon is not allowed to participate in the Olympics because if he does, no one else will win a gold medal.
Jon gets bored walking around in grocery stores
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