dj_juan_pancho (dj_juan_pancho) wrote,

Hello there

Welcome to another exciting installment of the Jonkie Corner!! You guessed it, I'm Jon!

Well, I have received a question from one of my Jonkies as to what I have been eating since my jaw's been hurt. Well, to answer that, we need to make two categories: What Jon is Supposed to Eat, and What Jon Actually Eats. The first category is simple. I'm suppsoed to eat whatever I can eat without chewing too much. As for the second category, it consists of the first category plus anything else that one would consider food. Don't try this at home kids.

I also recently picked up a spanish book from the depths of my house and have been working through he 40 lessons in preparation for spanish next term. I'm doing this mainly because I am expected to know something. I don't think adding 'o' at the end of every word is cute to anyone anymore.

In other news, I have found out that since I still have a hole where my wisdom tooth was, I will be out of swimming for another month. The dentist didn't like the idea of me swimming in a public pool with the open hole.

All right, I believe that's all I have to say for now, so adios!

Jon can bowl with one hand tied behind his back.
In order for the Olympians to compete with Jon, they'd need lots of steroids and a head start.
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