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The Jonkie Corner
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Monday, December 26th, 2005
1:50 am
I'm back on LJ
Welcome once again to the Jonkie Corner. It's been a long time since I've posted. Let's just leave it at a shortage of guests. Anyways, it's Christmas night, and I hope everyone had a good one.

I got Lunar: Dragon Song for Christmas. It is a pretty nifty game, I must say. I am greatly enjoying it. It has good graphics for a gameboy game. From what I can se so far, all those people who gave it a bad review are whiners. I'll admit the battle system is a little loopy, but it still makes a great game. It has been a buncha hours of fun. In fact, once I'm done here, I'm gonna go play more.

I'm also greatly satisfied with the Nintendo DS. It is probably the best handheld gaming device I've played with so far. I look forward to using the pictochat function with my friends later. Anyways, I'm eyeing the DS right now, and it's time for me to play more Lunar.
Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
3:55 am
Jon: Welcome to the Jonkie Corner! I am your host, Jon. We've had many interesting guests on the show from a bike to Mr. P. But my guest today is very unique. I got the idea to bring him on this show while watching the movie Dagon last night, a movie about fish-people. Now let me remind my audience here tonight that this show is a work of total fiction, and any cracks about mountain dew are made in good fun.

Jon: Now, without further adieu, let'd bring out my next guest, Ernie!

*Ernie the fish comes out carrying many guns and grenades and sits down*

Jon: I'm glad you could make it today Ernie.

Ernie: I'm glad to be here Jon.

Jon: Now my first question here is something everyone has been wondering for a while. How did you become, well you? What is your story?

Ernie: Well Jon, it starts when I was just a small fry. I lived with my family off the coast of Alaska. But then they came.

Jon: Who?

Ernie: Those @#$%ing fisherman!

Jon: Whoa, Ernie! I know you are mad man! But remember the language.

Ernie: Sorry man. We cool?

Jon: We're cool

Ernie: Okay. Anyways, like I was saying, those fisherman wiped out my school. I was alone. I became angry, Jon. I was not a happy fish. Then came the ooze.

Jon: The ooze?

Ernie: yeah, or mountain dew I think is what you people call it. I drank some accidently.

Jon: And what happened?

Ernie: I became a freak! It's what happens to people who drink the stuff. It messes ya up man! I was in such a slump. I started growing very big. I could grab stuff with my fins. Don't ask me how! People keep asking me that and I keep replying, "I'm a fish, you stupid morons! I don't know science!" Honestly, these idiots keep asking me how these things work! They think I'm supposed to know because I'm the freak!

Jon: Next time you see those people, hit em and say Jon sent it.

Ernie: Will do, man

Jon: Well, I also notice you carry a lot of weapons with you. I see guns, knives, and grenades. What's with that?

Ernie: Ah, I love these things. I can do so much. It's hilarious to point these things at people when they're trying to fish me out of water.

Jon: I'm sure it is, Ernie. Which is your favorite.

Ernie: *takes out a rifle* This is Elaine. We go back a long ways. I found her at the bottom of the sea. Some people just threw out a ship. Can you believe that?

Jon: Ernie, in this business, you learn to believe everything. Well, I'd like to thank you for coming on.

Ernie: No prob, homie. It was nice to be here.

Jon: WOuld you like to say anything else to the people before we sign off?

Ernie: Yeah. Hey people, fish are living creatures too! Stop hunting in my yard, or you'll meet me and Elaine!

Jon: That is the end of our show. And remember, why solve your problems in the privacy of your own homes when you can come and solve them here on the Jonkie Corner! Good night everyone!

Jon would like to have a talking fish
Jon is against the senseless slaughter of innocent vegetables.
Sunday, June 26th, 2005
1:00 am
Welcome to the Jonkie Corner
Jon: Welcome to the Jonkie Corner! I am yout host, Jon.

Jon: Now I am goin to ask a question that probaby doesn't come up in your mind often. Is the toilet overrated? I mean, would it make a big difference if someone just "pooped" on the floor? Well, my guest today said "No."

Jon: Notice that I wrapped the entire Jonkie Corner set in plastic. I did this for a reason. Now I introduce to you, the Prince of Poop, the Whiz Kid, the Human Sprinkler System, he is Mr. P!

*Mr. P walks out and sits*

Jon: So Mr. P, I guess I'll ask my first question, and probebly the question everyone at home is asking, and that's why do you do it? Why do you relieve yourself on the floor?

Mr. P: Let me ask you a question first, Jon. Are you an animal lover?

Jon: *takes a sip from his water glass* Well, I do like animals, but what does this have to do with doing your business on the floor of the Avery Alley One bathroom?

Mr. P: Well, my stance, Jon, is very simple. I care about the environment. I care about it so much that I will not poison the water supply with my feces! It is disgusting and disgraceful. I will have no part in it!

Jon: Wait, let me get this straight. You are saying that you paint the floor of bathrooms brown every day to protect the environment?

Mr. P: That's right, Jon. Every day, millions of pounds of feces and gallons of urine are simply dumped into the country's water supply. It is disgusting. You people are drinking that water too. And you think I'm the sicko?

*audience boos*

Jon: *Looks at water glass and gives it to stage hand* But what about the diseases that thrive in piles of poo? Aren't you concerned about the complications that can result from the insanitary conditions of the bathroom?

Mr. P: That's why I take the extra steps every day to immunize myself. And this is something all you people should do too.

Jon: Immunize?

Mr. P: Yes, Jon. Now, every day when you make a visit to whereever you do your business, you eat a little bit of..

Jon: *stands up* Whoa! Whoa! I think we can stop right there for now! *Looks at floor near Mr. P and sighs* That puddle wasn't there before, was it?

Jon: Well anyways, thank you joining me for this disturbing episode of the Jonkie Corner. And remember, why solve your problems in the privacy of your own homes when you can solve them in public right here on the Jonkie Corner? Now I will clean my floor. Good night everybody

Jon thinks poo and pee belong in the toilet.
Jon likes to play Super Smash Brothers
Monday, September 20th, 2004
12:35 am
Hello, and welcome once again to the Jonkie Corner! I am Jon.

Man, I cannot believe that summer's almost over! That went by fast! But hey, I get to go back to Tech. Good thing, maybe... But seriously, where does the time go? I didn't even really get nack into shape for swimming. Fortunately for me, I still have most of first term to practice.:) On top of that, I'll be getting Student Designed Fitness credit for it. (Double score by Jon!)

But seriously, I think I need the work again. When I am not busy, I think. Believe me, it is not a good thing when Jon thinks. For some reason I keep thinking about the depressing things. Seriously, being free from work has made me think so much. Now I have reviewed many things I believe in and don't believe in. Now here's what I believe in:

I believe firmly in God. I believe that there is a creator, and I have a personal relationship with that creator. I know many people think religion is silly, (Catholics are singled out with this more often than others for some reason I don't know...) but to each his own, right? There are many people that look for proof that God exists. I would by lying if I said I wasn't one of them at one time. However, with strong faith comes questions. If a person doesn't question their faith, than they have none at all in my view.

I believe in the afterlife. This one has always been an issue for me. What happens when we die? We don't know. However, with all the emotions we go through and the complexity of life, I don't see how there cannot be an afterlife. Also, there have been stories about people who have nearly died and claimed to see the other side. I see two possibilities: either they're crazy, or they have seen into the next life. Which is it? We'll find out one day my friends. (I go into this a little more when I talk about ghosts and psychics:))

I believe in UFOs. I believe that aliens exist. Come on, the universe is so big! We cannot be the ONLY planet with intelligent life out there. And I think we'd be arrogant to think we are. I also have a little feeling that we may be the result of another planet's intelligent life. Who knows, we could be an experimental planet that someone is observing to gather data on types of plants, animals, atmosphere and things like that. (This also goes into my stance on evolution)

I also believe in the existance of ghosts. Going back to what I said about the afterlife, life is too complicated to end at death. I have no idea what happens after death, but I heavily doubt it's nothing. And what about the hauntings at various places? Is it mere coincidence that people keep seeing ghosts in the places where they died? Is it a coincidence that many people who aren't connected see the same ghosts in the same locations? I have personally never seen a ghost, but try saying ghosts don't exist to someone who has seen one:)

I believe in Bigfoot. Simply put, I believe that Bigfoot are an animal that scientists have never been able to examine. Many people say we would have found one by now. Well, this is what I have to say to them. First, the United States has some of the best equipment in the world. Yet Bin Laden has been able to evade us for a pretty long time like many fugitives. So it makes sense to say that Bigfoot can easily evade capture in a territory that they know very well.

I believe in psychics. First off, I believe that there are two kinds of psychics: real psychics and fake psychics. I know that there are many people out there who claim to control psychic abilities but really don't. Shame on them! They give real psychics a bad name! I learned in school that we use about 10% of our brains. Think of the possibilites of being able to harness the rest of it. Right now, it may seem impossible since it seems like we already know what each part of the brain does. But we continue to make new discoveries every day. We came from a society where people thought that the world was flat at one time, and that everything revolved around the earth. But we think differently now. And if we as a society are more open-minded about the things around us, we may be able to learn more and expand human ability. I believe psychic abilities are something we do not yet understand.

I am still not sure about my stance on evolution. Now don't get me wrong here. I am not one of those people who believes we humans are too good for the animal kingdom. Not even close:) Evolution seems believeable, but to me, it lacks evidence. In Bi 1, I learned that the genes of every animal today can be tracked back to a common ancestor. But my question is, where is the solid proof? If I asked to physically see this, the professor would probably tell me it can't happen. On paper it works out. But something else also works out on paper. Earlier, I stated that I had a small hunch that aliens are using earth to test out different organisms. They can start with a prototype single celled organism, and decide to make it better, just as we make computers more advanced. Aliens can be constantly tampering with DNA, and doing it little by little. They put a few base pairs in a good strand and see what happens from afar. Before we know it, new species are born. The fossils left are the remains of the experiments before. And it makes sense that with every experiment, one variable is changed. This results in a line that we can trace back to the starting point: one common ancestor!

Well, I got a lot of my chest there. Now you all know what I think about:) It is hard to accept many things without proof. It is what society teaches. Just look at our Judicial system. However, I believe that we as humans will never understand everything in our universe. There will not be tangible evidence for everything. This leads to what I believe I learned: sometimes you have to have faith and be open-minded. I plan to do it a lot more from now on.

Man, that was a long segment there! Whoooie! In other news, I will probably get back to school Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. We plan to leave Saturday morning around 5 or 6 AM. But plans may change. Who knows? I miss my friends over there. It will be nice to see you all again. I actually am writing a story based on five people who fight crime and are so good because of their friendship. It is a short story, and there will be more stories of them if people like it. That story has taken all of my creative time, so that's the reason why this Jonkie Corner didn't have guest. (Sorry!) Anyways, nest time, the Jonkie Corner features people who think they are other stuff literally. It'll be awesome:) Well, tune in to the Jonkie Corner next time and remember our slogan: Why solve your problems in the privacy of your own home when you can solve them here in public on the Jonkie Corner!

Jon turns 20 tomorrow...
Jon's fingers have typed too much tonight...
Wednesday, August 25th, 2004
2:45 am
Welcome to the Jonkie Corner!!! Once again, I am your host, Jon!

Well, not too much has happened in my life as of late. I did hurt myself yet again and knocked a TV out the window in the process. Don't fret though, I am already 54% healed. *smiles and gives thumbs up* But it is a funny story. It started when I woke up and walked to my closet. There is a stand next to it which I crashed into quite hard. For those of you who are thinking I'm dumb, I was tired, okay! Anyways, the TV and stand almost fell through the window. Okay, that's all.

Well, enough about me, let's get to my guests tonight. My first guest requested that I put on this show. (Seriously :-) ) And remember that it is all in good fun. What does she have to say? Let's find out! Here's Jalex!

Jalex: *shakes Jon's hand* Hiya Jon!

Jon: Hi Jalex. Now you tell me that you've been having some issues with your significant other?

Jalex: That's right! Alaime is weird.

Jon: Is that so? Tell us about it.

Jalex: Well, where should I start? He is hairy.

Jon: Hairy?

Jalex: He is too hairy! I keep telling him to shave, but he never does!

Jon: I see.

Jalex: And he always comments on hitting on you!

Jon: Me?! *looks confused and scared* How so?

Jalex: Well, when we first got together, we agreed that we could still start a little something with ya! Call me ya fine piece of @$$! *reaches to grab Jon*

Jon: *jumps away with catlike reflexes* I'll keep that in mind there...

Jalex: Oh, one other thing is that he likes that bike of his even more than me!

Jon: A bike? You mean one of those things you ride? A bike bike?

Jalex: That's correct, Jon. He is always wearing spandex when riding that bike! He never wears spandex with me...

Jon: *Looks freaked out and confused* Okay... Let me bring out my next guest, Alaime and let him tell his side of the story.

Alaime: *Walks out and shakes Jon's hand* Hey Jon.

Jon: Alaime, it's a pleasure you couls be here today. So, Jalex had a few things to say about you. I'm sure you heard in the back. So, how would you respond?

Alaime: See Jon, it goes like this: Jalex is the one that needs to change!

Jalex: You are full of @#$%! I am not the bad one here!

Alaime: Shut up! Shut up!

Jon: Cool it now! Sheesh. Please watch the language. Children and old people are watching!

Jalex: *pouts* Sorry.

Alaime: Sorry about that

Jon: Okay, I think our viewers are most curious about your bike.

Alaime: Oh, my bike! *To Jalex* Why does it always have to be about my bike, huh?!

Jalex: How would it not?! You are always cleaning it, riding it or something else of that nature!

Alaime: That doesn't mean I'm in love with it!

Jalex: Whatever! You're in love with your bike!

Alaime: No, I'm not!

Jalex: You really are!

Alaime: But this isn't really the issue! Jon, she has said over and over that she would leave me for Squall!

Jon: Who's Squall?

Jalex: You remember, the hottest guy in Final Fantasy 8! I would leave him for you if I got the chance!

Alaime: You'd rather have pixels?!

Jalex: He's not pixels! He's human like you and me!

Alaime: Pixels! Pixels!

Jalex: *covering ears and closing eyes* LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA!!!!!!!!!

Jon: *stands up* All right, this problem doesn't look like it's gonna be solved now. I had a feeling this would happen, so I arranged for someone to be here. Please welcome Alaime's bike!

Bike: *is wheeled out*

Jalex: What are you doing here, @#$%?! Haven't you caused enough trouble?!

Bike: *is completely still and quiet*

Jalex: Answer me @#$%!

Bike: *Is motionless*

Alaime: Are ya stupid?! It can't talk!

Jalex: The hell it can't!

Bike: *Is still motionless*

Jon: Well, I'm too confused now, as I'm sure our viewers are, so I think I should close the show here. And remember everyone, Why solve your problems in the privacy of your own homes when you can do it here in public on the Jonkie Corner!

Jon grills his own onions.
Jon's reflexes make cats jealous
Saturday, August 21st, 2004
1:48 am
Ladies and gentlemen, Jonkies of all ages, welcome to the Jonkie Corner! I'm the guy who is writing, Jon.

I am still here at home, not doing much except for spanish, which I am on lesson 21. *Takes bow* I will be "el rey de espanol!"

Well, enough about me, but now I shall get to my first guest. Keep in mind that these guests are "real," not fictional. Now let me introduce my first guest. He's seven feet tall, wears a pirate hat, and loves Sesame Street. He also has something he needs to say. Please welcome Skull! *Skull comes*

Jon: So Skull, what's going on?

Skull: Hey Jon, how's it going?

Jon: Good, good.

Skull: Before we start, I have to say, you are the most talented host in the world.

Jon: You're embarrasing me, man!

Skull: Sorry, sorry. But seriously let's get down to business. I'm here because of my ex-wife!

Jon: Your ex wife?

Skull: Yes, that @#$% stole from me!

Jon: Whoa, big man! Can't use that language here!

Skull: Sorry, sorry.

Jon: So, what did she steal from you?

Skull: She stole my ladder! I can't get to the roof of my house! No more roof sledding for Skull!

Jon: *confused* That really stinks. Well, let me introduce my second guest, Dee Dee, Skull's ex wife, who has three eyes and one leg. *Dee Dee hops in*

Dee Dee: What? What?

Skull: You know what, woman!!!

Dee Dee: You full of @#$%!

Skull: You have my ladder!

Dee Dee: Whatever! Whatever!

Jon: Please people! Dee Dee, would you care to tell your side of the story?

Dee Dee: Of course. But first, I have to say that Jon is hot!

Jon: You are too nice.

Skull: Suck up!

Dee Dee: You can shut up, @#$%, @#$%, @#$%!!!!

Jon: Wait a minute! None of that profanity here! That language belongs at home!

Dee Dee: Sorry, but thnk about it, Jon! What would I need it for?

Skull: She just wanna ruin my fun! She don't want me playing roof sleds!

Dee Dee: I'm doing yo fat @#$% a favor! You know what? Take the stupid ladder! Go sledding! I hope you die! I hope you die!

Jon: Okay, I think that's all the time we're gonna have for now.

So, make sure you remember this motto: Why solve all your domestic problems in the privacy of your own home when you can come on and solve them right here on the Jonkie Corner?

Jon wakes up in the afternon and is proud of it.
Jon wrote a happy song that is 6000 verses long. You don't wanna hear it.
Friday, August 20th, 2004
12:06 am
Hello there
Welcome to another exciting installment of the Jonkie Corner!! You guessed it, I'm Jon!

Well, I have received a question from one of my Jonkies as to what I have been eating since my jaw's been hurt. Well, to answer that, we need to make two categories: What Jon is Supposed to Eat, and What Jon Actually Eats. The first category is simple. I'm suppsoed to eat whatever I can eat without chewing too much. As for the second category, it consists of the first category plus anything else that one would consider food. Don't try this at home kids.

I also recently picked up a spanish book from the depths of my house and have been working through he 40 lessons in preparation for spanish next term. I'm doing this mainly because I am expected to know something. I don't think adding 'o' at the end of every word is cute to anyone anymore.

In other news, I have found out that since I still have a hole where my wisdom tooth was, I will be out of swimming for another month. The dentist didn't like the idea of me swimming in a public pool with the open hole.

All right, I believe that's all I have to say for now, so adios!

Jon can bowl with one hand tied behind his back.
In order for the Olympians to compete with Jon, they'd need lots of steroids and a head start.
Monday, August 16th, 2004
1:24 pm
Welcome to the Jonkie Corner!
This is the first installment of the Jonkie Corner. I am Jon. And i have a few things to say on this installment of the Jonkie Corner

I recently saw all my friends from high school. It was pretty nice. We all went bowling and then for ice cream. That's pretty much it. I had a good time.

One thing that has just amazed me since I got back is the amount of people who are already married. I have been introduced to a few husbands lately.

Well, as many people are these days, i have been watching the olympics. It has been very entertaining. I just have to go on record saying that swimming is the ultimate olympic sport. Its coolness just doesn't run out! However, i still don't know who won any of the finals. (I didn't watch much today) I also saw gymnastics yesterday, which is always impressive. However, I felt really bad for one guy who fell off the horse during his routine. That totally sucks. It must have been embarrasing for the guy as well.

Some of you may remember me saying I was gonna have my wisdom teeth taken out when I got back. Well, I had that operation Monday. And of course, things have to be complicated for Jon. They broke my jaw to get to the tooth. However, it seems to be healing pretty nicely, so the doctor did a pretty good job.

Okay, I think that's all I have to say for now, so that's it.

Jon is not allowed to participate in the Olympics because if he does, no one else will win a gold medal.
Jon gets bored walking around in grocery stores
Saturday, July 31st, 2004
1:52 pm
I'm Still Here
Well, well, it's been along time since I've updated this livejournal, hasn't it? Well, I would say that I've been busy, but who would I be kidding? I have a big mouth and a few things to say.

First off, I've been getting ready for my bro's birthday party. This means actually cleaning all my stuff out of the other rooms. But hey, I am dead set tomorrow to become the undisputed champion of Pin-the Tail-on-the-Donkey or some weird game like that. Either way, I'm gonna be the king of something!

All right, now to something I need to get off my mind. I'll be honest. I wasn't happy with my report card this time around, and I know I worked my butt off to get better grades than those. Let's face it, I sucked. But mark my words, that will be the worst report card that the world will ever get out of me!

Now with that out of the way, I can get to something a little happier. I no longer have back pains in the pool, and I believe that my back is 100% healed!!! That means I'm back baby!!! So starting next year, Jon will be in swimming action!

And one more thing, on a sad note, the family gamecube has passed away... So there will be no more video games for Jon... I think we need a moment of silence... ... Okay, time to move on.

Well, I guess this post's purpose has been served. It is now known to all my Jonoholics or Jon-o-maniacs or whatever my fans are called that I still exist. I really should start up that fan club... Okay, if anyone reading this wants to be in the fan club, please comment. And also suggest what you all should be called. Okay, see ya'll later.

Jon has never lost a game of musical chairs
Jon is the unofficial owner of the ducks hanging around Millikan
Sunday, June 20th, 2004
11:32 am
My Hair
Yeah, it finally happened... I am writing a post about my hair. But it's not really all about my hair. Okay, some of it is.

I got my haircut today. They actually did a decent job for once. Don't worry, it's still long.

Well, I actually got Pokemon Collosseum *grin* and I've been playing a whole lot. The story mode is really cool. It gave me a chance to catch some good ones. And the tournaments are way hard. I am currently trying to beat the hardest level and I can only get 1/8 in the double battles tournament and not even 1 in the single battle. What a shame.

In other news, I do really miss being at Caltech. Even with all the work, it was pretty entertaining. My friends really do mean a lot to me. It is even better when they do entertaining stuff. At this time, I would like to refer you to my last post. It was pretty entertaining and still makes me laugh. Heck, it made me laugh two minutes before I started writing this post!

And I started writing a story just like I said I would. This first story I'm writing is introducing Lance a hero I made up. If you want to read more about him, read my story.

I guess there's nothing else at the moment, so I'll conclude this product of my hyperactivity. I really should get more sleep...

Jon has too much caffeine in his diet.
Jon was very hyper when he wrote this.
Saturday, June 12th, 2004
1:33 am
Gary and Steve
Okay, I'm here on the last day of being here at Caltech. First of all, I miss all of ya. I hope you all have great summers.

Now onto business... Steve and Gary are currently playing Rayden, a game Steve just got. And man, Gary has said some funny stuff! Here are a few of the lines:

You need to learn how to play this game

I have more talent in the game than you.

Here, take the bombs. You'll need them because you don't have my superior dodging ability

Now I will show you my true power

You have no ability against me!!!

Who is the most superior player? Obviously me!

Man, I can't believe an ameteur like Steve could last against me

You will NOT stand up to me!

Now, that's some confidence if I do say so myself. It's funny because this is a actually a game where they are on the same team. Yep, it's true! Well, until next time...

Jon does not waste his time making his bed
Jon thinks that watching Steve and Gary play video games is hilarious
Wednesday, March 24th, 2004
4:16 am
Well, it's storytime here at my house. I think being here once again has helped to bring some new story ideas into my head. so there's no more writer's block and I can keep on going with my story.

I've also had to work a little. Apparently, I will not be making good use of my time here if I'm not working. So, I decided to review my spanish. It's better than reviewing physics, math or chem (eeewww!!!!)! So, learning a new language is making good use, right?

And I really hope all my friends are having a good spring break. And get rested, because you all need to read a story when we go back to school!

Times Jon has broken his promise: 15

Jon can twirl a basketball on his finger for a minute.
Jon is actively involved in the fight against going to bed early.
Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
10:03 am
I'm home
Well, I have just come back home from the trip where I had to trek many miles and fight countless ninjas and what-not. Actually, to be honest, I just came back from playing Smash Brothers. I won. It was awesome. Well, even though there were no encounters with ninjas, I am officially home. Actually, I've been home for four days. That's a lot. It seemed more like two... Oh well, I'm happy anyways. Not much has happened around here. I haven't even been clumsy enough to break anything. Maybe I am losing my touch. We don't know. Well, that's all I have to say.

If you're disappointed about the boringness of my post, just pretend that I did in fact write a post about battling ninjas. It's bound to happen sooner or later.

Number of times Jon has Broken his promise: 15

Jon does not look good in yellow.
Jon never talks with his mouth full.
Monday, March 15th, 2004
1:20 am
Lab is Not Cool
Well, my lab is not cool. It is probably not going to get done. I haven't even an idea on how to fake it. Well, at least my computer's okay. No real damage done.

Also, my plan for finals is now about as messed up as the pictures Alex and Cathy were doctoring. And those were really strange... I don't know what I'm gonna do. Oh well, at least it's pass fail.

Times Jon broke his Promise: 15

Jon can spin a basketball on his finger.
Jon is determined to learn to whistle like the game.
Friday, March 12th, 2004
1:40 am
My Happy Post
Okay, since Alex requested a happy post, I shall put one up.

My future in competitive swimming may not look very optimistic right now, but I shall still strive to obtain it. It looks like the years of unecessarily tough workout have taken a toll on my back. Since I have created my workout schedule based on what my coach would do, it looks like it is time to change. During Spring Break, I shall do my research on the subject. And Jon WILL compete again, even if it's only once or twice. (I mean that I may have to limit competition to the interhouse swim meet every year, and those tournaments at home duriing the summer)

And I also continued writing my story. It'll be good. One everyone will have to read. And for Cathy, there will be no romance at all. Everyone will be cold to each other. And for Alex, there will be romance. People will fall in love. I'm not quite sure how this will work out...

Times Jon broke hi promise: 14

Jon has 3 finals to complete.
Jon takes his vitamins every day.
Thursday, March 11th, 2004
5:07 pm
Here's a fair warning. If you do not want to hear me complain, don't read the rest of this post. I am in a bitter mood and need to say a few things.

Now, I try to be a nice person. I try to be considerate and understanding. I have respect, and I try to make it so people can confidently place their trust in me. I saw a guy sitting in the table in front of me with his girlfriend at the restaurant. I don't think I've ever seen a bigger jerk before. He was ordering her around as if she were his maid or something. And it didn't look like he appreciated anything she did for him either. I felt like saying something, but it was none of my business. And the part that confused me was that she was still happy with this moron. Why is it that jerks like him are able to get girls and be happy while girls never give me, someone who tries to be nice, the time of day. This is something I just will never understand. Why would girls go with someone who treats them like garbage? Are they just that blind? Or dumb? Well, anyways, I'm done with that.

Now onto my back... Two years ago, I hit the bottom of the pool while diving at my last meet. I was lucky. I had gotten out of the way of hitting my head. Instead, I scraped my knees at the bottom and bent my back a little far. Since that meet, I have had back pains till today. Now, I did not hit hard. I just hit. Therefore, I believe my back should have healed after two freakin years. After I swam yeaterday, my back hurt a lot. Then it occured to me. I had talked to one of my friends on the high school swim team. He was having severe shoulder problems. They were enough that he cannot do backstroke anymore. Also, he informed me that all the people with me on the team while I was there now had back problems and shoulder problems. The reason: Too much stress at practice. I believe I'm lucky that I haven't seen any signs of bad shoulders, but my back is killing me. Coach noticed that our team was not improving with the way she was coaching. So I guess what goes through her mind is: If being hard on them yields nothing, then being twice as hard should yield something. I think that's her logic. Well, to get to the point of my rambling, if the cause of my back pains are the same as everyone else's, then I'm afraid I will not heal, and I will never compete again, which makes me very angry. Okay, enough with that.

Onto my lab... Why is it that I can never have one lab where I do not do something insanely dumb? With the Werner lab, I had left my notebook in the lab. With this one, I did not write the titration data. Now I must wait for my lab partner to get her notebook back to give me the data. I don't understand why I can be so dumb sometimes.

Well, that's it for my complaining. If you were disappointed and want a happier post, comment on this one and I will post a happier one. I should go now. Physics won't study for itself.
Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
8:38 pm
Jon the Swimmer is Back
Jon has finally started swimming again. My first practice was today. It was short. (1000) However, it was very tiring. My arms have never been so tired... The plan for tomorrow involves backstroke, breastroke (everyone's favorite), and butterfly. I must get fit for the 700 fly I must do at the end of Lent. The only concern is that i had a backache after a while. It's probably nothing. And no Cathy , I will not see a doctor. I'll maybe make a trip to the health center. In short the wait to see Jon competing again is coming to an end.

But really, if I don't swim, I'll gain lots of weight and a beer belly. And unlike Selphie's, mine will be because I didn't exercise whereas hers involved exercising too much...

And in other news, classes are over! This is really cool. Now all that await are finals. Well, that's it for this edition of Jon News.

Times Jon has broken his promise: 14

Jon got 9 out of freakin 9 on his lab experiment.
Jon is never wrong, except when he is, which is never.
Monday, March 8th, 2004
3:25 pm
3:00 PM
I am dead. However, te lab is turned in.
Now for the prelab

Times Jon has broken his promise: 14

Jon likes the orange powerade best.
2:13 pm
Guess who took a nap in econ today.

Times Jon has broken his promise: 14

Jon has never dyed his hair
12:45 pm
I would continue the lab, but I have to go to econ, or else I'll fail that final.

Times Jon has broken his promise: 14

Jon hardly ever uses bad language
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