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Welcome to the Jonkie Corner

Jon: Welcome to the Jonkie Corner! I am yout host, Jon.

Jon: Now I am goin to ask a question that probaby doesn't come up in your mind often. Is the toilet overrated? I mean, would it make a big difference if someone just "pooped" on the floor? Well, my guest today said "No."

Jon: Notice that I wrapped the entire Jonkie Corner set in plastic. I did this for a reason. Now I introduce to you, the Prince of Poop, the Whiz Kid, the Human Sprinkler System, he is Mr. P!

*Mr. P walks out and sits*

Jon: So Mr. P, I guess I'll ask my first question, and probebly the question everyone at home is asking, and that's why do you do it? Why do you relieve yourself on the floor?

Mr. P: Let me ask you a question first, Jon. Are you an animal lover?

Jon: *takes a sip from his water glass* Well, I do like animals, but what does this have to do with doing your business on the floor of the Avery Alley One bathroom?

Mr. P: Well, my stance, Jon, is very simple. I care about the environment. I care about it so much that I will not poison the water supply with my feces! It is disgusting and disgraceful. I will have no part in it!

Jon: Wait, let me get this straight. You are saying that you paint the floor of bathrooms brown every day to protect the environment?

Mr. P: That's right, Jon. Every day, millions of pounds of feces and gallons of urine are simply dumped into the country's water supply. It is disgusting. You people are drinking that water too. And you think I'm the sicko?

*audience boos*

Jon: *Looks at water glass and gives it to stage hand* But what about the diseases that thrive in piles of poo? Aren't you concerned about the complications that can result from the insanitary conditions of the bathroom?

Mr. P: That's why I take the extra steps every day to immunize myself. And this is something all you people should do too.

Jon: Immunize?

Mr. P: Yes, Jon. Now, every day when you make a visit to whereever you do your business, you eat a little bit of..

Jon: *stands up* Whoa! Whoa! I think we can stop right there for now! *Looks at floor near Mr. P and sighs* That puddle wasn't there before, was it?

Jon: Well anyways, thank you joining me for this disturbing episode of the Jonkie Corner. And remember, why solve your problems in the privacy of your own homes when you can solve them in public right here on the Jonkie Corner? Now I will clean my floor. Good night everybody

Jon thinks poo and pee belong in the toilet.
Jon likes to play Super Smash Brothers
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