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Here's a fair warning. If you do not want to hear me complain, don't read the rest of this post. I am in a bitter mood and need to say a few things.

Now, I try to be a nice person. I try to be considerate and understanding. I have respect, and I try to make it so people can confidently place their trust in me. I saw a guy sitting in the table in front of me with his girlfriend at the restaurant. I don't think I've ever seen a bigger jerk before. He was ordering her around as if she were his maid or something. And it didn't look like he appreciated anything she did for him either. I felt like saying something, but it was none of my business. And the part that confused me was that she was still happy with this moron. Why is it that jerks like him are able to get girls and be happy while girls never give me, someone who tries to be nice, the time of day. This is something I just will never understand. Why would girls go with someone who treats them like garbage? Are they just that blind? Or dumb? Well, anyways, I'm done with that.

Now onto my back... Two years ago, I hit the bottom of the pool while diving at my last meet. I was lucky. I had gotten out of the way of hitting my head. Instead, I scraped my knees at the bottom and bent my back a little far. Since that meet, I have had back pains till today. Now, I did not hit hard. I just hit. Therefore, I believe my back should have healed after two freakin years. After I swam yeaterday, my back hurt a lot. Then it occured to me. I had talked to one of my friends on the high school swim team. He was having severe shoulder problems. They were enough that he cannot do backstroke anymore. Also, he informed me that all the people with me on the team while I was there now had back problems and shoulder problems. The reason: Too much stress at practice. I believe I'm lucky that I haven't seen any signs of bad shoulders, but my back is killing me. Coach noticed that our team was not improving with the way she was coaching. So I guess what goes through her mind is: If being hard on them yields nothing, then being twice as hard should yield something. I think that's her logic. Well, to get to the point of my rambling, if the cause of my back pains are the same as everyone else's, then I'm afraid I will not heal, and I will never compete again, which makes me very angry. Okay, enough with that.

Onto my lab... Why is it that I can never have one lab where I do not do something insanely dumb? With the Werner lab, I had left my notebook in the lab. With this one, I did not write the titration data. Now I must wait for my lab partner to get her notebook back to give me the data. I don't understand why I can be so dumb sometimes.

Well, that's it for my complaining. If you were disappointed and want a happier post, comment on this one and I will post a happier one. I should go now. Physics won't study for itself.
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