dj_juan_pancho (dj_juan_pancho) wrote,


Well, it's storytime here at my house. I think being here once again has helped to bring some new story ideas into my head. so there's no more writer's block and I can keep on going with my story.

I've also had to work a little. Apparently, I will not be making good use of my time here if I'm not working. So, I decided to review my spanish. It's better than reviewing physics, math or chem (eeewww!!!!)! So, learning a new language is making good use, right?

And I really hope all my friends are having a good spring break. And get rested, because you all need to read a story when we go back to school!

Times Jon has broken his promise: 15

Jon can twirl a basketball on his finger for a minute.
Jon is actively involved in the fight against going to bed early.
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